Ideas for NAGC Board Retreat Friday?

The NAGC Board will conduct its annual retreat on Friday in Falls Church, VA. We’re going to spend the day discussing the past, present and future of NAGC. The agenda includes:

  • Revising board positions
  • 2012 NAGC Communications School
  • Blue Pencil/Gold Screen Awards
  • A new mentoring program
  • Educational opportunities for members
  • Partnerships
  • NAGC Website redesign

What are we missing? Thoughts?

On another note, have you checked out the NAGC Linked In Group lately? We’re up over 500 members now, and recently we’ve had a lot of activity. Discussion, shared insight and ideas involving:

  • Social Media Archiving
  • Penn State Scandal
  • Disaster Response After Tornadoes in Missouri and Alabama
  • An LA Utility Feeling Some PR Heat

Join the group and wade into the conversation!

NAGC: Good Communication…Good Government

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