District 5 Members Elected to Several AFL-CIO Boards in the Region

For the first time ever, District 5 now has seven AFGE members serving on the Executive Board of the AFL-CIO.

This past August, Tennessee AFL-CIO Convention history was made when two AFGE Leaders from Local 2400 were unanimously elected as Vice Presidents of the Tennessee AFL-CIO.

President Ron (B.R.) Hardison of AFGE Local 2400 was re-elected as Vice President for his third term in the Tennessee AFL-CIO. President Hardison also serves as the President of the Tennessee AFGE Council 61. Hardison received the Tennessee AFL-CIO Presidential Award and has been recognized for his leadership and labor experience in District 5. He has been awarded the 5th District Council Officer Award, Special Award as the State Council President, and the most coveted National Vice President’s Award in 2005 presented by the late NVP Charlotte Flowers.

Lisa Hartman, Executive Vice President of Local 2400 was elected Vice President for her first term in the Tennessee AFL-CIO. Mrs. Hartman also serves as the Executive Vice President of Tennessee AFGE Council 61 and the Legislative Action Coordinator for both the State Council and Local 2400. She has been recognized by National VA Council 53 and National AFGE for her legislative activity. Mrs. Hartman received the 5th District Special Recognition Award for her outstanding contribution to AFGE and the 5th District Presidential Service Award.

AFGE Local 2400 has been honored for their outstanding and dedicated service to working families, union brothers and sisters, and by promoting and participating in the Tennessee AFL-CIO Hands-On Lobbying Program.

Other notable District 5 members are also serving on AFL-CIO executive boards. National Vice President Everett Kelley; Anthony Young , President of Local 2206; and Robert Brick, President of Local 522, currently serve on the Alabama AFL-CIO Executive Board. Lorraine Tuliano from Local 2113 serves on the Florida AFL-CIO Executive Board.

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