If Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace were Aussie states

Many of you are probably aware that Facebook’s active membership is larger than the population of the world’s third largest country, however the numbers are getting too big to relate to Australia.

So I’ve taken the idea and compiled a view of Australia by state, including the main social networks used by Aussies as if they were states.


  • Growth rates are based on 9 months, with state population for March 2012 extrapolated by applying 75% of the growth for the 2010/11 year from the ABS. The growth rates for social networks were calculated backwards based on having statistics on subscribers for both March 2012 and June 2011.
  • Google Plus wasn’t on the scene until August with 365,000 users – since then it has grown at a rate of approximately 337% per year, making it by far the fastest growing social network.
  • Some social networks have decreased in numbers. Two data points are not enough to establish a trend and Twitter tends to fluctuate up and down on a monthly basis and it is difficult to define a clear direction for the service. MySpace’s trend has generally been down for several years (refer to this Infograph and data for 2011 from Social Media News).


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