The Digital Engagement Cookbook

Digital Engagement Cookbook

Had a silly-busy week this week so only just now getting the chance to blog this.

On Tuesday we launched the Digital Engagement Cookbook – an online database of online engagement methods.

Kind of Digital were paid and supported by Consumer Focus to create the database, and I brought in some help. Fraser Henderson from Particitech and a regular Kind of Digital collaborator provided ideas and content whilst Stuart Harrison did the tech.

It’s a great example of the results that can be produced by working flexibly and in a collaborative fashion.

The idea behind the site is that it gives you ideas on how you might go about engaging online, depending on certain parameters that you feed the database.

So, are you targeting a certain demographic group? Are you at a certain point in the policy process? How much money have you got?

The Cookbook then produces a list of potential methods for you to use, rated in terms of how closely they match your criteria.

It’s pretty useful as it is now, but we’re looking at ways of improving it, such as allowing people to contribute new methods, or provide case studies of how certain methods have worked out in the field.

Anyway, the Cookbook is free to use, and I would be glad to have any feedback on it.

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