Importance of Family Time

Daddy has been busy with work and relieving stress which made him to come around 11pm. one day his 5 yr old son waits for him:

Son: How was work daddy?

Daddy: What are you still doing at this time of the night?

Son: was keen to know how much your jobs pays u per hour?

Dad: That only, u should have waited till morning, well i am paid $50 per hour son

Son: daddy can you lend me 25 bucks.

Daddy shouting: What? Why the large amount? What do you want is for?

Son walks out to his bedroom….after sometime of thinking daddy goes to son room

Daddy: Young man that`s a lot of money but for only today I will give you.

Son receives the 25 bucks and pushes the pillow at his side. A couple of dollars spills off, adding it to what daddy had given him

Daddy shouts: you have loads of money already and you are asking for more!!!

Son: well Daddy, now I have 50 bucks, can I buy an hour from you to have you tomorrow for dinner only?

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Profound, Tinashe…and true.

I just got home from two days of travel and my son ran around the corner to my office to give me a huge hug. He doesn’t care that I’m out making money for the family. He cares that I’m making time for him.

Megan Price

Fantastic story! I remember once calling my mom on the phone while sitting in another room just to see if I could schedule a meeting with her. Many conversations were interrupted because of her work phone calls and all I wanted was 10 minutes of her to myself. It’s amazing how the smallest moments make such a big impression.