Important Considerations For An Organizational Restructuring

An organization restructuring will create substantial impacts that can extend throughout the organization and also with external relationships. It should be evaluated with great care. When you consider a restructuring apply these factors:

  • Establish and document the reorganization’s objectives
  • Where the organization will be in 2-5 years.
  • Alignment of current positions with organization strategy.
  • Should the position or the incumbent change, or both?
  • Is it something else that should be improved, not the structure?
  • Document tangible improvements, short and long term, resulting from any change.
  • Develop criteria for evaluating alternatives. This will help to ensure that your analysis is rigorous and consistently applied.
  • What is required, in addition to making the change, for a successful improvement to occur?
  • Document the risks and problems that could arise from the restructuring and how you will manage them.
  • Include all relevant decision makers.

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