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How to Keep Organization Processes Resilient

Regardless of their complexity, most organization processes will start to evolve towards atrophy and/or rigidity starting soon after they’ve been implemented.  It’s inevitable as it’s tied to our inherent human natures and how we function in organizations. The purpose of most processes, in addition to achieving an objective, is to become a standardized and routineRead… Read more »

Important Considerations For An Organizational Restructuring

An organization restructuring will create substantial impacts that can extend throughout the organization and also with external relationships. It should be evaluated with great care. When you consider a restructuring apply these factors: Establish and document the reorganization’s objectives Where the organization will be in 2-5 years. Alignment of current positions with organization strategy. ShouldRead… Read more »

How You Lead – From A Pragmatic Perspective

I want to share with you some recent leadership articles on my website. The content is practical and usable. Leading Towards Your Vision The importance of having a vision towards which you are leading your employees and how to define vision. What do you want your organization to look like? What is the culture? WhatRead… Read more »

Integrate Continuous Improvement Into Your Organization’s Culture And Daily Activities

A continuous organization improvement program can be easily implemented and very beneficial using minimal organization resources. It’s important that you establish a continuous improvement program; not assume that improvement suggestions and efforts will appear without encouragement by management. And it should be become inherent in your culture and day-to-day work activities throughout you organization. ARead… Read more »

Implementing Organization Performance Measures – Best Practices

Measuring various aspects of your organization’s performance requires the transformation of data into useful “knowledge” for decision-making. Most organization’s find it relatively easy to measure financial performance as there are commonly accepted principles and reporting practices that everyone uses. Measuring other aspects of your organization so that the information can be used for effective decisionRead… Read more »

Specialized New Manager On-Boarding Delivers Success For The Manager And Organization

Well planned and implemented on-boarding specialized for new managers results in fewer mistakes and disruptions to workflow and reduces the time it takes to be fully productive. For newly hired managers any formal on-boarding process usually involves a one-size-fits-all organization-wide process and then the person to whom they report will develop an orientation to theRead… Read more »

Chiefs of Staff Deliver Substantial Value To Their Organizations

Chiefs of Staff deliver substantial value to organizational effectiveness, particularly in an era of flat structures. They enhance organizational operations and internal and external communications, and keep functions orderly and focused, allowing the CEO, Board and key executives to better focus on issues of strategic importance, external and internal. If established correctly and you hireRead… Read more »

Implementing An Organizational Realignment – Useful Guidelines

With any organizational realignment or restructuring the challenge and real work is in the details of implementation. There are risks, challenges and issues to identify, address and manage. Realignment can be as small as rearranging a few positions and responsibilities or a major re-positioning of large divisions, along with changes to their operating units, processesRead… Read more »