Inspiration through Momentum!

Think about what inspires you. We probably all have a mental checklist: intelligence, discipline, perseverance, vision, compassion, etc. But what about “momentum”? By momentum, I mean the combination of physical and intangible inertia that you generate throughout the day.

There are certain people that seem to always be driving forward. Their presence makes you sit up and take notice. They have a sense of purpose, whether walking into work in the morning or walking out at the end of the day. They seem to have some place to be, are performing some task, or are generally being productive in some way. The best part about these types is the contagious nature of their momentum. You don’t want to be the person that slows their momentum! If you are slumped against the railing of an escalator, perhaps you get motivated to stand up straight and start walking. You don’t want to get caught yawning or playing on your cell phone during a lull in a meeting. You don’t let their email gather dust in your inbox, as they seem to consistently answer your emails almost immediately.

I think we should all strive to be this “Momentum Person”; take a look at the image you portray by your actions and words. Do you look defeated, hobble along, shuffle into meetings, slump in your chair, tell others how tired and/or annoyed you are, procrastinate when responding to others, etc.? Never mind how being momentum-less affects your own psyche; think about how you affect others. Try being Momentum Person one interaction at a time – I bet after a few days of practice, you’ll see a difference in how people respond to you!

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Not sure if I’m the “Momentum Person”…but definitely try not to be the “Inertia Guy.” Try to be positive and slow process only to achieve a better outcome. Move as fast as possible. Measure twice, cut once.