Interior cannot find 20 percent of its laptops

It’s pretty amazing, but the Interior Department has not been keeping tabs on its laptops. According to an Inspector General’s report, the agency cannot find 20 percent of its laptops.

And that’s a pretty bad report card for any agency and raises real questions about what information was stored on those laptops and why wasn’t Interior paying more attention to it.

For more on this breach, check out It’s a story we’re reporting on this Monday, and it certainly is one that will ignite lots of talk and questions about whether other agencies have the same, dismal record.

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Judi Hasson

It’s a good suggestion. Where is the chain of custody at Interior and why wasn’t it in effect? It’s just one more item that the Feds need to tame to make sure computers are not lost in the big wide world of cyber space. – Judi