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Celebrating National Park Week – Our National Parks: The Pride of America [infographic]

It’s National Park Week! Go out and celebrate “America’s best idea” with free admission to all National Parks from April 20-28th. Learn more about the history and scope of our National Parks from this infographic from UNC-Chapel Hill’s public administration program and & MPA@UNC


Congratulations Dept of the Interior, Office of the Secretary Internship Program. Pathways officially started July 12th, 2012. I believe that DOI is first federal agency to post a PATHWAYS Internship announcement on Open July 16 to July 23, 2012. Good work HR Specialist: [email protected] But check out below … this is only a 3Read… Read more »

Department of the Interior is Leading the Way in Redefining the Role of the Department CIO

Too often we hear stories about how the Federal government, for one reason or another, lacks technological capabilities that are commonplace in the private sector and our everyday lives. For example, when this Administration first came into office employees at the Department of the Interior couldn’t even send a department-wide message due to its siloedRead… Read more »

Four Thumbs Up for Interior’s CFC Kickoff

style=”text-align: left;”> As part of their 2009 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) kickoff, the Department of Interior (DOI) held auditions for their first annual “DOI’s Got Talent” competition. The actual event will take place on December 9, but DOI employees flocked to their Sidney Yates Auditorium today to witness fellow co-workers try-out for a spot inRead… Read more »

Interior cannot find 20 percent of its laptops

It’s pretty amazing, but the Interior Department has not been keeping tabs on its laptops. According to an Inspector General’s report, the agency cannot find 20 percent of its laptops. And that’s a pretty bad report card for any agency and raises real questions about what information was stored on those laptops and why wasn’tRead… Read more »

DARPA Wants to See Through Concrete Walls; What Will They Think of Next?

Let’s face it. DARPA is always on the bleeding-edge when it comes to developing advanced technologies for defense. Just when you think they have outdone themselves, they come up with something even more mind-blowing. DARPA’s latest foray is into developing technologies that actually see through concrete walls, meaning there is no place for insurgents toRead… Read more »