Interpretation Week – Finishing CON 090

Week 4 is different. We can find just about anything in the FAR by this time; however, week 4 is about interpreting different FAR and DFARS clauses given confusing scenarios dealing with contract administration. The class is almost always divided in its answer and you’re right 25-50% of the time. This is still somewhat hard to accept, including for me, for a classroom full of your typical A-students.

By the second to last day, you want the class to end. You’re not emotionally or physically drained; you just want back your old life back. And after the final test, you get back that old life. It was a month well spent.

The three skills you walk away with are:

1. Research skills for the online FAR and DFARS
2. Repeating all 53 FAR Parts. (Yes, Parts is formally capitalized here).
3. Basic interpretation skills of contract provisions and clauses, particularly for contract administration.

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