Introduction and Looking for Special Emphasis Program Managers (Disability Program)

Good Morning!
My name is Grace and I work in Oak Ridge, TN at DOE. I’ve been with the Feds for almost 5 years (Feb). I love it! I worked in the healthcare industry for 16 years and I can say that DOE has a lot more friendly people than any medical facility I worked at.

I’m a new Program Manager for the Disability Program (SEP) and would like to network with other SEPM’s to get ideas on getting my program off the ground and supported.

I went to the Federally Employed Women’s National Training Program in Orlando, FL and came back with so much information and many fabulous experiences that I plan to go to the NTP in New Orleans, LA, July 2010. If you haven’t been to one of these, it’s worth the time and investment.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Bruce Bixby

Hello Grace,

I’ve been working in Disability programs for approximately 5 years and it can be difficult to find help within an organization. Isolation is a workd that comes to mind. A great resource to visit and join if you haven’t already is the FDWC the Federal Disability Workforce Consortium ( ) on the web. We exist to help each other with training, tools and best practices. Another great resource is CAP or the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program. ( ) . We just finished a Disability Program Manager Training Pilot Course as well. DoD and EEOC plan to make this a full course for al DPM’s and coordinators in the future.

Grace M Lynch

Thanks so much Bruce. I will check out these resources. I’m sorry I haven’t responded before this. This page was difficult to find, but I have it bookmarked now.