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Introduction to Forge.mil Webinar

The Forge.mil team is very excited about the progress we’ve made in a short time (about two months of ‘Beta’ availability), and we are working toward our launch window of early April (prior to the DISA partner conference in Anaheim CA on 20 April 2009).

We’ve received a lot of questions and requests for more information about what Forge.mil is (and isn’t), so, we’ve decided to put together a ‘webinar’ on 26 March 2009 at 1100 EDT. The webinar is titled (not surprisingly), ‘Introduction to Forge.mil’. It is a free registration to listen in, and we hope we’ll get a lot of folks to attend, and then hopefully disseminate the information we cover. Briefly, we are going to touch on:

– Vision, goals, objectives of Forge.mil’s five communities of interest
– Benefits of participation
– How to participate
– The platform technology behind Forge.mil
– Capabilities and Timeline for new features
– Experiences/success stories from teams participating in the Beta period

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone interested in listening in.

Full Disclosure – I’m part of the presentation, & I work for CollabNet as the Community Management consultant for the site. DISA sponsors and runs the site.

Thanks and we look forward to having a lot of folks from GovLoop join on the call.

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