I live in Athol, Massachusetts and I am running for State Representative for the 2nd Franklin District. I am a fiscally responsible Democrat and an Independent thinker. I am 44 years old and started my public service career at the age of 18. I have served on various local boards in my community. I served as a 19 year member of the fire service only to be laid off due to budget crunches.

I operated my own small diner business until the recession and economy forced me to leave it in August of last year. Fortunately I had been working full time again as an Environmental Manager. I have for the past 9 years been an elected member of the Athol-Royalston Regional School Committee and currently serve as Chairman. That ends in March as I chose not to run for re-election in oorder to pursue the higher office. I will not tie up a local elected seat that I can’t commit too.

I understand the current plight of people throughout my disctrict, the state and the country when it comes to being personally battered by job loss and the poor economy. My experiences in life, public service, etc I feel makes me a qualified candidate to run. I am focusing on Jobs, Municipal Stability, Education and the Environment through out my campaign.

The recent election in Massachusetts only solidifies what I have been doing throughout my career and that is listen to what the voters have to say and act in the best interest of the voters. My personal bio info is on my site at and I thank you for providing this great site.

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