Invincea and Triumfant: two firms filling important roles in enterprise IT

With this post I want to provide a quick update on two firms I know and advise: Triumfant and Invincea. Both have been mentioned by me on this site before and if you are a security professional I bet you have already spent time learning about them. Both firms are making a positive difference in the enterprise technology landscape and if you have not already contacted them to arrange a demo I’d like to suggest you do that right away.

Here is an update on both:

  • Triumfant: They provide persistent desktop system awareness and continuous remediation if anything is out of its normal state. They use change detection and patented analytics to identify malicious attacks and to built situational, surgical remediation. Triumfant has long been part of federal efforts and initiatives like FDCC and SCAP. This year they announced that their Triumfant Resolution Manager is certified as a CyberScope reporting tool. If you are a fed or an integrator that serves them please take note of that. Now the system will keep your IT in better shape and also report its status the way OMB wants.
  • Invincea: They provide protection from all types of web-borne threats, which you have to admit is a pretty good thing to do. And no one else can do it. They way they operate is by seamlessly moving desktop web browsers into controlled virtual environments. News on Invincea has been streaming in this year, they are really a huge/positive force in the security community. A recent news article mentioned a50,000 seat deployment, for example. That sort of deployment is possible because they were designed with enterprise scale in mind. Invincea has more than 110 deployments and active pilots underway, including at nearly 10% of the Fortune 100 (watch that number, soon I believe nearly 100% of the Fortune 100 will have them onboard). They have also announced a tremendous addition to their team, with Gabriel Martinez joining the firm last month.

If enterprise IT is a concern of yours I hope you will contact both Invincea and Triumfant soon to learn more. Both offer online information at their websites and both should be eager to get you more info or arrange for demos.

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