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Invite Ms. Etiquette to Your Organization

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In these uncertain times workplace civility can be nonexistent.
To help you lay the ground work for a more civil work environment and reinforce principles that contribute to effective communication and relationships in the workplace, you’ll want to expose your staff to Ms. Etiquette’s insights and perspectives.
Ms. Etiquette is on a crusade. She will share with your audience what it takes to get along, build rapport, relationships and connect with customers and co-workers. Ms. Etiquette offers a down-to-earth, in-depth presentation peppered with real-life examples and appropriate humor. She demystifies the rules and gives insights into the behaviors that increase respect, collaboration and trust.
Ms. Etiquette will work with you to adapt and tailor her presentation to fit your special developmental emphasis, needs, challenges and budget. For more information contact Dianne Floyd Sutton at 301-585-1446 or [email protected]
Dianne Floyd Sutton as Ms. Etiquette
Dianne Floyd Sutton is a management consultant, author, workshop designer/trainer, keynote speaker, educator and career coach. Her book, Workplace Etiquette – A Guide to Thriving and Surviving in Today’s Workplace, examines the written/unwritten rules of etiquette in career development.
Check out “Ask Ms. Etiquette” for answers to questions about appropriate etiquette in the workplace at www.suttonentrprises.org
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