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Job Success: Some Reminders

There are two areas in which job success is determined: 1. The technical aspects and skills – the performance of your duties 2. The soft skills – the conduct and attitude – the related behaviors you exhibit in the performance of your duties. The second area (soft skills) is very critical yet often undervalued byRead… Read more »

Supervisory No-Nos

Exert from So Now You Are The Boss! Supervisory No-Nos Unforgivable and Sometimes Unlawful Behaviors by Supervisors 1. Treating individuals unequally because of gender, culture, age, educational, religious background, etc. 2. Not keeping a trust with an employee 3. Blowing hot and cold 4. Failure to follow basic policies and procedures and laws 5. LosingRead… Read more »

Diversity Gets A Bad Rep!!!

Diversity is getting a bad reputation. On Thursday, August 18, 2011 President Obama issued an executive order for diversity promotion. On August 22, 2011, the Washington Times newspaper issued the following articles “Obama Federal Workforce Diversity Initative Equals “Whites Need Not Apply” The article sited numbers based on race. So perpetuated is the misconception thatRead… Read more »

Political Savvy – What you can do!

When office politics and political savvy are mentioned, many think of selfish, deceitful, deceptive, sneaky, conniving individuals who are doing things like: — Snitching to management— Lying or covering the truth— Playing dishonest games, i.e. taking undue credit for others’ work — Discounting another’s opinion or idea— Back stabbing Yes, it is true, there areRead… Read more »

Disabiity Bias

What can one say about a category of people labled disabled. This category includes everyone from an elderly man experiencing chronic depression since the death of his wife, to a young blind woman, to a severely mentally retarded child, to a teenager with a mild learning disability, to a mother in a wheelchair, to aRead… Read more »

Your email address can impact your careeer!

What do email addresses like “Pookie Bear,” “Hot Mama,” ” Macho Man,” Twilighter,” and “Sexy Stud” have in common. They could all hold up your advancement or even stop you from being hired. Unprofessional e-mail addresses can hurt your chances just as much as unprofessional e-mails. It is important to set something up that saysRead… Read more »