Is bike-sharing coming to a city near you?

Now that New York City is introducing a bicycle-sharing program, other localities are looking to do the same. Interest in strong in Dallas (TX), bicycle planner Max Kalhammer told The Dallas Morning News. But first the city has to add bike lanes and find funding to complete a series of street improvements so that people can ride safely. “We have to really have the bicycle infrastructure in place before we can offer that program of bicycle sharing,” he said. “One has to come before the other.” In California, the Orange County Transportation Authority is looking into a bike-share program oriented around transit hubs, college campuses, and employment centers. According to The Orange County Register, the preliminary plan calls for introducing 80 bicycles at eight docking stations. Details have yet to be worked out, but OCTA planners say the program would be similar to other bike-share programs and focus on short trips, especially the first and last mile from the bus or train.

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Joe Flood

It’s been a big success here in DC. You see the ride bikeshare bikes everywhere now. One side benefit is that they make biking safer for everyone – more bikes on the road means greater driver awareness.