Is the Flagship of Transparency?

Hi Folks,

Working on my next Government Computer News (GCN) “reality check” column and you can participate!

What is your answer to the above question? and Why?

Do you envision as the linchpin to the process or just another part of it?

For to fulfill its promise (which is important in light of commentary like this: ), it needs to deliver.

In that vein, how active has this community (specifically, you) been in making it a success?

Do you have a process in your organization for selecting “High Value Datasets?”
(I am assisting USACE in that endeavor so I will have information to share on that soon.)

Have you read the CONOPS? Any overall thoughts on the document? Does it fulfill its purpose?

Have you voted on any of the ideas on proposed at ?

Do you know about Are you interested in that idea?

Looking forward to the discussion,

– Mike

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GovLoop may be the flagship but it will take awhile to fully became useful and integrated in the culture. I think that takes time both on the cultural side and the technical side as becomes more robust and useful.

I think a big part of’s success is there needs to be some great innovation and products coming out of it. That still hasn’t quite happened but hopefully will soon.

Michael Corey Daconta

Hi Steve,

Absolutely agree that it has not proven itself. There is also both the internal (agency) successes and the external (citizen) successes that needs to evolve.

Thanks for the comment,

– Mike