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Improving Insights from Sunlight Foundation’s Transparency Camp

The Sunlight Foundation recently hosted TransparencyCamp, a gathering of technology, policy and government thought leaders to discuss open government and open data initiatives. My recent post, “ICYMI: TransparencyCamp Event” gave a general overview of the event, and highlighted a session with former Philadelphia Chief Data Officer Mark Headd. This blog will look at a subsequentRead… Read more »

Open Government Data Conference: Research Should Drive All Open Data Initiatives

Monica Mayk Parham, Marketing Director, Market Connections, Inc. I’ve been attending the International Open Government Data Conference, sponsored by at the World Bank this week. We’ve seen quite a few advanced uses of open data in both domestic and international contexts. Kenya shared their open data initiative, which has steadily gained interest since itsRead… Read more » Launches for Education Data Community

I really like how is launching niche communities like Generally I believe if we want interest in our government data it’s not going to be developing just broad “data” ecosystem. Instead, I think we need to build smaller ecosystems like transit data, health data, jobs data, education data, etc. So I was excitedRead… Read more »

Wondering if you’re getting, using the same real-time data feeds you’re providing publicly

After far too long, my “Data Dynamite: unleash information to transform our world” book is finally in the editing stages, and should be released as an e-book later this winter. One of the key points is that we need to think holistically about data (especially tagged data), so that there are unified strategies for internallyRead… Read more »

Agency data isn’t perfect and transparency isn’t enough

Raw data isn’t always the same as government transparency, said speakers and audience members during a May 25 session at the Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington, D.C. Said one audience member, “there are lies, damned lies, statistics and government data.” John Sheridan, head of e-Services and Strategy at the United Kingdom’s Office of Public SectorRead… Read more »

FutureGov competition winner reports back from PDF09

Back in January we ran a competition to send one lucky gov lover to Washington to attend the Politics Online conference. As it turns out, once we’d got everything tied up, it was time for Personal Democracy Forum 2009, so we shifted our plans and I travelled with competition winner Liz Azyan to PDF instead!Read… Read more »

Dispatches from the Personal Democracy Forum

As part of a Google fellowship that I received on behalf of Public Performance Systems, I spent the last two days at the Personal Democracy Forum up in New York. I’ll finish up our discussion on a Performance Management Framework in the next few days but I wanted to first report on a number ofRead… Read more »