Is Open Government “Dangerously Digital”?

Wrote a blog post this morning about a talk I gave yesterday, the subject matter being that open government – transparency, collaboration, and participation – is controlled by CIO’s and CTO’s. Why? Perhaps open government and the OGD and its solutions are too tech-reliant (what I term, Dangerously Digital). Where’s the human side of the equation?

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I don’t like these words but need people good at change mgmt, knowledge mgmt, talent mgmt. We need community organizers, community moderators. And marketing/PR (even if just internally).

It needs more Gary V types – how we do get people jazzed about this stuff? Both internally and externally.


Yes I agree with this!

Even the outreach is primarily via digital media. We still aren’t reaching the general population. Where is Big Media (tv, radio) in all of this?

My family and friends are hearing about OpenGov from me, not from the news media. Why?