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Is Twitter Dying?

I’ve noticed a lot of “spam” followers on Twitter for the last few weeks, whereas I’ve never had any before. While I don’t get any direct negative effect from it, it makes me wonder if this is a symptom of Twitter being on the way out as one of the social media platforms to use.

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Michael McCarthy, APR

Ugggh, span. But e-mail has spam, Facebook has spammers that post ads on my wall, and the grocery store has Spam. At least the last one is tasty. However, on the question of whether Twitter is dying, remember AOL?

Barb Chamberlain

Or it’s a sign that you got more popular. I haven’t been paying close attention but I think I get more followers on or right after days that I tweet more.

You may also have used a term or two that served as spam bait. When I talked about my Droid I got a bunch of followers/tweets wanting me to enter an iPhone giveaway, for example. I just block and report as spam to do my little bit to clean up.

I do recommend blocking/reporting spammers so they don’t give people the wrong impression of who you are if they look at your followers–that is an actual negative side effect.

I still get more breaking news and reading recommendations from Twitter than from anywhere else. Just this morning I reread a piece from almost a year ago I think is still true and still relevant: Why Twitter Will Endure t.co/m3aL7cv1 by @