Is Your Inner Circle Helping You Grow?

It’s important to ensure that your inner circle is helping you to become the best you! When was the last time your assessed your inner circle. Check out my latest blog post: The Company You Keep to see how you can evaluate your inner circle with asking yourself only four key questions.

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Stephanie Slade

I like this post because, I think, for many people there’s a stigma associated with mixing your personal and professional lives. But truly, the healthier and happier you are as a PERSON, the better and more productive a worker you’ll be. Nice job.


Stephanie, thanks for your comment. My inner circle includes personal and professional relationships. Do you ever assess the effectiveness of your inner circle being able to help you grow?

Stephanie Slade

I’m not even sure who is in my inner circle, to be honost. I’ll certainly spend some time thinking about it now, though.