Is Your Office “Green?”

Have you implemented green policies regarding office work (i.e. printing, paper usage, electricity usage, etc.) in your agency? What did you do? How did you accomplish it? How did it work? Are there any “lessons learned” that you can share? Did you “go small” and now wish that it was bigger or visa versa? How did you get buy-in from the other employees? Do you have performance measures regarding the changes? What are they?

Any advice or information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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At one agency (where a friend works), they moved back to community printers instead of a computer in every office (where it used to be). Saved electricity of all the printers plugged in. People only printed what they really needed since they had to walk down the hall.

But I think they key is to make the project fun and show the real value. It’s not “we are taking away your printer”. It’s “together we can help improve the environment.” And maybe have a contest. T-shirts.

And this is a plug. But a good friend and former president of Young Government Leaders (and GAOer) runs a cool company now – – that works around the space.