It is Friday and I’m a disgruntled government worker!!

Okay, that was a lie, I’m really not. But I certainly seem to be surrounded by quite a few of them!

And disgruntledness (I made up that word) isn’t relegated to the more seasoned employees. It is remarkable how quickly new employees can be indoctrinated into a subculture of doom and gloom. Stop it! As bad as you perceive your career to be, if you have a federal government job, you are very fortunate. Do not take it for granted. I can give countless anecdotes about friends and neighbors with resumes loaded with experience and education that are unable to find jobs. In my neighborhood (anecdote alert!) a young couple with children down the street, both teachers with 10+ years of experience and grad degrees, do not have a job waiting for them at the conclusion of this school year. The jobs they are losing probably pay 50k a year. In contrast, how much is that unhappy, serially disgruntled, GS-12 step 10 in the cube next to you earning? You know, the person who is bulletproof in terms of a RIF, hasn’t worked a 40 hour week since the 1st Clinton administration, earning 8 hours of leave each pay period, 10-11 holidays per year and taking 2-3 weeks of training each year?

Have a great weekend!

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

I’m with you Bryan! We need to stop complaining and start contributing. All of the anti-Fed rhetoric will pass, but we’ll still be here performing vital missions for our country. Keep your chins up fellow Feds!