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Being able to build and maintain relationships is what the overall concept of networking is about—social or otherwise. As individuals, developing and maintaining a strong circle of contacts allows us greater career opportunities, a greater capacity to engage in social gatherings, furthering friendships, mentoring and volunteer experiences, and the potential for growing business opportunities. The expanding connections we make determine the level of engagement we can achieve.

The benefits of networking at an organizational level are no different. Clothing companies cross-promote various businesses to show customers “if you like this, you will love that”. Google uses search terminology to suggest products/services to its users. Amazon connects customers to a vast array of products supplied by both large and small retailers. As governments move to communicate more effectively and efficiently with citizens, the opportunities for governments to network with one another are a powerful tool in engaging more like-minded citizens.

Governments and governmental agencies are using the GovDelivery Network to cross-promote related website content and subscription topics. The public can sign-up for updates from multiple governmental sources during their first visit to any partner site – quick, easy, and incredibly powerful for all agencies involved in the network.

Here are some amazing examples of the power of the GovDelivery Network:

  • If you sign up for updates through the National Science Foundation website, you are given opportunities to sign up for The Library of Congress, NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Energy.gov. National Science Foundation gets 78% of its new subscribers via the partnership with these same agencies.
  • In April 2011, Roberta Weaver with The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases spoke to the powerful results of using GovDelivery Network – NIAID Speaks About Positive Impact and Importance of GovDelivery.
  • 54% of new subscribers to Federal agencies are a direct result of the partnerships within the GovDelivery Network
  • State & Local government clients had an average of 40% of new subscribers to their sites due to the partnerships they created via the GovDelivery Network
  • Overall, clients using the GovDelivery Network experience a 48% increase in new subscribers on average.

As we examine this “network effect”, we will continue to report data on how our clients are leveraging this tool to engage more and more of the public. Look forward to updates in the near future.

Networking is a powerful tool that can and will help your organization reach more of the public. Learn more about the GovDelivery Network by visiting our website or review this amazing fact sheet. Please contact us at [email protected] to speak with one of our outstanding team to help you deploy this tool for greater engagement with your citizens.

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