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Passion for Datatelling

Once upon a time, in a far away land…wait, this isn’t some fairy tale about princes and princesses, but rather one where the hero (in this case me) gets to explain why great storytelling is the true art and future of all data analysis projects within government organizations, businesses, and non-profits. As I have saidRead… Read more »

Sift Through Big Data to Find Real Insight

There is a ton of talk today about “big” data. The concept comes from our ever increasing ability to collect, store, and manage larger and larger datasets full of vast amounts of information – customer information, habits, purchasing patterns, social media visits, and so on. Unfortunately, I think many private and public organizations have becomeRead… Read more »

Maximizing Possibilities – CityCamp Experience

From amazing metaphors involving adorable puppies to reflections about how data can transform generalities into actions, I was fortunate to attend the first CityCamp held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 11/12/2011. This un-conference is designed to be more of an open exchange of ideas than the traditional professional conference that most of us are use toRead… Read more »

Analyst or Reporter: Implications for Data

I was watching the news the other day and started thinking about the differences between news analysts and news reporters. Many channels now have folks with titles like senior news analyst, senior Washington correspondent, policy analyst, and so on. When did reporting “news” become more than just actually telling folks what happened in a particularRead… Read more »

It’s All About Relationships – GovDelivery Network

Being able to build and maintain relationships is what the overall concept of networking is about—social or otherwise. As individuals, developing and maintaining a strong circle of contacts allows us greater career opportunities, a greater capacity to engage in social gatherings, furthering friendships, mentoring and volunteer experiences, and the potential for growing business opportunities. TheRead… Read more »