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It’s Public Service Recognition Week — your Cabinet Secretary says so.

As a public service people person, it’s my favorite time of year. If you’re like me, you hardly ever stop for a minute to think about every local, state, and federal employee whose passion it is to wake up every day to serve his/her fellow citizens.

We may be federal/state/local employees ourselves, but we ought to be making the biggest stink of ALL about how great it is to serve others. We aren’t just public servants, we’re also:

  • managers of public servants;
  • colleagues of public servants;
  • children of public servants;
  • parents of public servants;
  • neighbors of public servants; and
  • beneficiaries of their commitment to good governance.

TOP FIVE (5) ideas to celebrate:

Public Service Recognition Week

Check out 
PSRW.org for five (5) more!

1. Send a message to public servants you know.
2. Request a proclamation.
3. Reach out to local schools and civic groups.
4. Prepare short, vignette stories about outstanding employees in your agency.
5. Write a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed.

Listen to the First Lady’s message for PSRW 2011 — if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.

How will you celebrate public service?

Do you see value in promoting public service as both a career and an ideal?

Andy Lowenthal is a public sector strategy consultant. Follow him on 
Twitter and friend him on GovLoop.

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

I attended today’s Public Service Recognition Week Town Hall meeting at the Partnership for Public Service. If you missed seeing Secretaries Napolitano (DHS), LaHood (DOT), and Sabelius (HHS), as well as the Acting Director of GSA, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJFWeuGJ1hU&feature=plcp (Part 1) andhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bICZ7CAJcKE&feature=context-chv (Part 2) to hear from some of the best leaders in government today. They make the point that we need to let citizens know about the great achievements to counteract the negative press.

My office also had a celebration, including a cake served by our executives. It’s always a good thing to have them serve us. If an organization were to have an awards ceremony, this would be the week to hold it!

Andy Lowenthal

Thanks for sharing the links, Terry. I just sent an e-card to my first boss at the U.S. Department of State.

Lisa McGee

I love being a public servant – I enjoy knowing that the job I do helps people. Unfortunately, the agency that I work for (a state agency) does not acknowledge Public Service Recognition. This e-card capability, though, allows me to thank fellow public servants!