It’s Time To Try Social Technologies – Video

This is a video I have promised to do for some time. It is in response to those who won’t even consider social technologies with their organizations – now or in the future. I have heard about all of the excuses – and for the most part I don’t buy any of them. They range from “Our culture won’t support it” to “It is a waste of my time” to “We have better things to focus on.”

It’s like saying, “This new thing called the phone is nifty and all, but we don’t need it.” You don’t know it yet – but yes you do. And eventually it will come. The question is, when will you allow it?

Most don’t dive in because of two factors: Fear of the Unknown and Fear of Change. Now, honestly, it is FEAR? They may not label it that, but I believe so. Social Technologies for this group are unknown and they usually don’t want to know anything about it because of their incorrect preconceived ideas – they actively resist it. They also think that everything at their company is working well enough.

So did Blockbuster and Borders.

(Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of parachute pants without stealing a photo. Oh well.)

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