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Cloud tops CIO agenda (01/21/2011) – Gartner survey finds cloud computing the top technology priority for CIOs in 2011. 43% of respondents expect to migrate to cloud-based IT platforms within the next two years. http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1526414

Internet as a platform for collective action (01/18/2011) – PEW report finds internet users more likely to be active in voluntary groups and organizations, with some 80 percent participating, compared with 56 percent of non-Internet users.

State of the Blogosphere (11/2010) – Technorati’s annual study of trends in the blogosphere found tablets and smartphones are impacting blogging styles significantly. Mobile bloggers are writing shorter posts, more spontaneously. Half of mobile bloggers are posting photos from their phones.


Why is Customer Service Important? (10/28/2010) – Citizens know what constitutes outstanding customer service and expect it from government organizations. Government can meet this challenge with responsive, user friendly customer interfaces available though the Internet, mobile devices and social media. http://fedtechmagazine.com/article.asp?item_id=875

Trends and Insights From Social Video (01/25/2011) – Study of user-initiated video views finds people in social media channels are not only viewing videos, but sharing them with their friends and driving further views and engagement. Other findings: shorter is better; and, Facebook dominates sharing. http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Jun-Group-Shares-2010-Trends-and-Insights-From-Social-Video-1385030.htm

10 great public-sector websites (01/14/2011) – Websites that offer speed , usability and deliver on the promise of transparency are recognized. Use of data visualization, mapping and graphics, in addition to high-performance search and uses of social media and video, were also factors. http://gcn.com/Articles/2011/01/17/Public-Sector-Web-Sites-Intro.aspx?s=SL_240111&admgarea=TC_STATELOCAL&Page=1

How does age affect web use? (01/19/2010) Have you ever wondered how trends vary between age ranges? Sitejabber has taken statistics from a recent Pew Internet and American Life Project report and turned them into a useful infographic. http://www.sitejabber.com/blog/2011/01/19/how-does-age-affect-web-use/

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