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Using Social Media for Recruiting – For Government Employees

Social media has changed the world of recruiting. Never before have federal agencies had such access to top talent. At our next DigitalGov University webinar Using Social Media for Recruitment you can learn how to use these tools to maximize your recruitment outreach and put your messages in front of the widest audience of qualifiedRead… Read more »

Research and Best Practices eNewsletter 01/02/2011

From Data to Decisions (11/30/2011) – The Partnership for Public Service and IBM’s Public Sector Business Analytics and Optimization Practice examined seven programs using analyticsin eight agencies including the Coast Guard, Navy, and Social Security. The report notes common practices of successful efforts, such as leadership commitment, staff having a clear line of sight, andRead… Read more »

Research and Best Practices eNewsletter 11/10/2011

Research Apps Culture (11/02/2011) – Adults have doubled their app downloads to cell phones in the past two years, according to a PEW survey. Overall, apps that provide regular updates about everyday information (news, weather, sports, or stocks) and those that help people communicate are the most commonly downloaded. Growing Mobile (11/07/2011) – ARead… Read more »

10/28/2011 Reseach and Best Practices eNewsletter

ResearchTricks of the social media trade(10/26/2011) – A NewForeSeestudy Social Media Best Practices for the Federal government analyzes the state of social media in the federal government. Tips for boosting social media presence include the use of the Twitter “favorite” feature content and the use of playlists to organize videos on YouTube. The Tablet Revolution(10/25/2011)Read… Read more »

National Dialogue for Improving Federal Websites Topic Specific Dialogue-a-thons Start Today

We’re off to a great start on the National Dialogue on Improving Federal Websites. A many people have submitted, voted, and commented on a broad range of ideas. Please continue to spread the word, participate, and encourage others to chime in, especially in their area of expertise. Dialog-a-thons: We’ve scheduled one-hour “dialog-a-thons” on each ofRead… Read more »

Invitation to Participate in the National Dialogue on Improving Government Websites

Calling all web visionaries, creative thinkers and interested parties ! Starting Monday, GSA will launch a two-week online conversation with web experts and the public called the National Dialogue for Improving Federal Websites. This is part of the .gov Reform Initiative that many govies have been supporting at their agencies. The dialogue will launch Monday,Read… Read more »

Research and Best Practices eNewsletter 08/26/2011

Research Social Media in Disasters (summer 2011) – Americans are relying more and more on social media, mobile technology and online news outlets to learn about ongoing disasters, seek help and share information about their well-being after emergencies, according to two new surveys conducted by the American Red Cross Americans and their cell phones (08/15/2011)Read… Read more »

Research and Best Practices eNewsletter

Research The Power of Like(07/27/2011) – Posting content regularly on Facebook will result in reaching more of your fans, more frequently, according to a new comScore report.The report found for every fan, you can reach an additional 34 people who are friends of that fan. Leading online activities(08/09/2011) –Search and email tied for the topRead… Read more »