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So the vote is in and it looks as if Joe Lieberman will keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Of course he loses his seat on the Environment and Public Works Committee. I’m not sure yet how I feel about this.

Lieberman, like anyone, should be allowed to support any candidate he wants. But hat about when that support also includes publically demeaning the very candidate that your party is backing? I’ve been following the blogs and articles, and though some defend Lieberman, more think he should have suffered more reprimand. Some call him a traitor, some a patriot.

Maybe the moral here is that we really are at the dawn of a new era. Maybe it truly is time to let words simple roll off of us, and allow our actions to show what kind of people we really are. That seems to be what Obama is saying by setting the ‘bygones be bygones’ precedent that he has set with Hillary, Lieberman, and even McCain. Basically everyone that has had beef with Obama in the last year, has been received with open arms.

Excuse my language, but really isn’t the only crime Lieberman is really guilty of is being, ahem, kind of a jackass? And that’s not really grounds for being kicked out of the caucus, is it?

I certainly don’t agree with any of the sentiments he expressed, but I’ve worked for many people who shall we say, had a horrific case of foot in mouth disease? And though sometimes I may have wished for it to be so, it was never a good enough reason to fire someone. In fact, I’m sure there have been moments I would have preferred to vote out members of my own family for the same thing.

Than again my opinion is based on simple newscasts and from a very very far distance.

So what’s everyone else’s opinion? Should he have gotten a larger reprimand, or should we all just follow our soon to be President’s gracious lead, and let bygones be bygones?

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Well, I think that President elect Obama gets an “A” in getting along with others, had it been me, well…I would have to say that I would have made him sweat before I forgave him (not forget – never forget – that’s the Human in me). This goes a long way to show that he is about bringing us all together, work together for the good of all americans. Senator Joe, you got a second chance – use it well.