Federal Eye: Top Federal Workers Union Lists Priorities for Obama

Once he takes office, President-elect Obama should issue an executive order re-establishing the federal sector labor-management partnership and all federal agencies should have to review service contracts and cancel wasteful ones, according to recommendations issued today by the National Treasury Employees Union.

The group represents roughly 150,000 federal employees and 31 agencies or departments. It also wants Obama to provide Transportation Security Administration employees with collective bargaining rights and the same pay system as most other federal employees, as well as end the Internal Revenue Service’s use of private tax collectors.

“This is not a wish list. this is a framework for what we see as a very serious discussion,” said NTEU president Colleen M. Kelley. “I think President-elect Obama is very much in-synch with NTEU with these issues.” The group has sent the recommendations to the Obama transition office and hopes to schedule meetings with representatives soon.

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Mark Danielson

Geez Ed,

Is this a press release, news, or commentary? I’m all for the unions and their possible solutions couched in the form of demands, but what do you think about it? What should we (Obama) do about it?

Maybe a required networking site for federal negotiators and union negotiators would save time and money. What do you think?