Kapow’s ETL for HTML offerings

Today’s data isn’t just in one warehouse nor is it in one format. Data is no longer silo’ed in perfectly structured relational databases, but rather unstructured across the broader internet. Thus, traditional ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) architectures do not apply. Less than 1% of all web data is available via API, and extraction tools must evolve to meet that.

Kapow‘s ETL capabilities go beyond that of API calls and RDMS searches – they can search and extract all the data readily accessible via web browsers. Thus, it’s ETL for HTML that exists in place of traditional ETL. The ability to digest web data (social media, blogging, news and more) is what will define the next generation of ETL solutions.

Kapow’s solutions are built with the data explosion in mind. Instead of trying to synchronize data in one repository, Kapow allows you to leave the data where it resides (whether it is internal enterprise data or from the web) and get full programmatic access.

Kapow allows faster access to evolving data stores to fit evolving data needs. Look to them for your ETL and other web services.

For more information on Kapow visit them on the web at http://kapowsoftware.com/

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