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Greetings all,

This is my first post (like, ever) so be kind.

I was tempted to write up a piece on how resolutions are mostly meaningless without well thought-out objectives and milestones.  I’d make a clever connection to how organizations often make the same mistake when taking on major change management or training initiatives.  As you can surely tell by now, it was going to be a really slick, compelling post….

Then I resolved to do some background research, which was a mistake, since there are already fabulous articles written on this topic.  I particularly like this one from Fast Company.   I think we can all identify with how difficult it can be to modify our personal habits to make a change, let alone tackle huge professional challenges like adjusting intra-organizational culture.

Besides, who says we need to change any way? We don’t often get to celebrate our successes in government, and there are far more examples of government failures than successes. Sure there may be a few internal awards programs or performance awards for outstanding employees or teams but certainly nothing sufficient to recognize all the amazing work.

So, instead of looking ahead at what the next year will bring, I’d like to reflect on what we’ve already accomplished.

What are you proud of accomplishing last year?
Please share your thoughts (personal or professional) via the comment feed below


father and son toasting

Here’s my entry–I’m proud to continue work with motivated colleagues from the National Park Service that make me strive to be better every day. I’m proud that my work team is taking change head-on with adaptive and creative solutions. Finally, I’m proud that I’ve improved my work-life balance, so that I’m more-focused on both fronts.

So, here’s to last year, and hey, keep up the good work!


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Andrew Krzmarzick

Congrats on your first post (ever), Dave! Well done and great fodder for reflection.

I’m proud of the fact that in 2014 we leveraged GovLoop’s success with virtual learning to stand up a new division that helps agencies to make the transition from old school to new school training approaches, with several great success stories of doing flipped classroom, social learning and even building a new (and, humbly, I’d say ‘better’) online platform!

On the personal front, I’d go with your thoughts on work-life balance. Hard to achieve, but feel like I keep threading that needle in a way that keeps all priorities on relatively equal footing.

Dave Barton

Glad you’re finding success with work-life balance, Andrew. That’s been one of the toughest challenges for me as I’ve progressed in my career and grown my family.

Julia Taylor

Great post, Dave! I’m really glad you joined the ranks of our awesome Featured Bloggers as a voice for the learning community! I’m proud of being better read this year! One of my favorite books this year was Drive by Dan Pink ( on what motivates people. I think there are a bunch of lessons we can take from the research Pink presents on how to motivate people to engage in learning! Thanks again for a great first blog!

Dave Barton

Thanks, Julia. Great read too. Motivation is such an important part of any learning or work setting. While there are a few research studies and popular theories, I wish we knew more.


Professionally, I’m proud of trying uncomfortable things in an effort to grow. Personally, I’m proud of having a healthy happy baby girl!

Jo Robinson

Great, reflective first post, Dave! Proud to call you a peer. My 2014 proudest moment was the small step I approved that eventually led to the permanent step to help you improve your work/life balance so that we could continue to work together.