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In Praise of Grinders: They Get The Job Done

Why does everyone have to move up constantly? What is wrong with staying in a place where you’re happy, and doing good work every day?

The #1 Secret Tool for Working Better with Anyone

Somedays, don’t you just wish you had a magic wand that would make everything better with the people you work with? A magic formula, a secret potion that would make the work go better, and your working relationships run smoother? Guess what?  There is! One of the simplest yet most effective practices to improve yourRead… Read more »

Keep Up the Good Work

Greetings all, This is my first post (like, ever) so be kind. I was tempted to write up a piece on how resolutions are mostly meaningless without well thought-out objectives and milestones.  I’d make a clever connection to how organizations often make the same mistake when taking on major change management or training initiatives.  AsRead… Read more »

Have You Hugged Your 9-1-1 Dispatcher This Week?

Okay, well that’s good. Wait until next week to do it! April 10 -16, 2011 is National Public Safety Telecommunications week here in the United States. This is a federally designated week set aside to recognize the efforts of the more than 500,000 men and women who serve as 9-1-1 operators or dispatchers or CommunicationsRead… Read more »