Key IT Standards Organizations on Twitter


“The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from” teaches Andrew S. Tanebaum in his classic text on Computer Networks.

Technologists have a love-hate relationship with IT standards. Without them we get no interoperability, no real meaningful teamwork or collaboration, no communication and just about no enterprise-grade technology at all. So we have to learn and use standards. That takes time and energy and a continuing effort because there are so many relevant standards. For those that want to influence standards it requires an even more focused effort and a huge investment in time and brainpower.

Increasingly standards organizations are engaging with broader constituents using Twitter. So you can use Twitter to keep an eye on major movements in the standards world and in doing so help you decide which activities to track and which ones to weigh in on an attempt to influence.

We built a Twitter list using TwitChimp to capture the standards organizations we know about that are active on Twitter. Using TwitChimp this way enables you to easily follow each or to look at all the Tweets from the list at once to track the gist of standards discussions.

Find the list embedded below and at:

Let us know please if there are others that should be added here.

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