Kinnaird, Romero, & Abowd on Connect 2 Congress: Visual Analytics for Civic Oversight

Peter Kinnaird (a member of our community), Mario Romero, and Professor Gregory Abowd, all of the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing, have posted Connect 2 Congress: Visual Analytics for Civic Oversight, a paper presented at CHI 2010: The 28th ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, held 10-15 April 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Here is the abstract:

Strong representative democracies rely on educated, informed, and active citizenry to provide oversight of the government. We present Connect 2 Congress (C2C), a novel, high temporal-resolution and interactive visualization of legislative behavior. We present the results of focus group and domain expert interviews that demonstrate how different stakeholders use C2C for a variety of investigative activities. The evaluation provided evidence that users are able to support or reject claims made by candidates and conduct freeform, low-cost, exploratory analysis into the legislative behavior of representatives across time periods.

Click here for more information on Connect 2 Congress.

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