How to Know When you Have a Good Thing


So this is it.  Twelve of the twelve “Featured” blogs that I signed up for – although I do look forward to continuing to contribute because…well, I’ve found out that I kind of like this blogging gig.  And while I know my friends and family aren’t good barometers, I’ve gotten positive feedback on what I’ve written.  Which leads me to my post to you today about knowing when to stay put. Knowing when you have a good situation, a good environment.  Whether it’s personally or professionally, the goal for this life, in my humble opinion, is about maximizing happiness. And beautiful part is, there isn’t just one “right way” to go about it.  Some people, all they want is money and they drive every decision towards that.  Some prefer to have a family and are willing to sacrifice potential career advancements.  Some people just want to drink beer in their parent’s basement…although, I’ve found that normally stops sometime after college.

These “things,” these ideas, they can be BIG…or small, but it’s important to recognize them however they come.  Me personally, I KNOW I have a good thing going.  So, let me use examples from my own life to help illustrate what I’m looking for in life, and maybe these will help you with your own internal inspection.  Please note, these are in no particular order…

I Have a Great Team

Between both my bosses and my colleagues, I have a great team.  My bosses challenge me, give me advice, and give me the freedom to execute without being micro-managed.  My colleagues are smart, hard-working, and quick with a joke.  There are certainly times when our goals are a bit excessive, and we take on too much. Still, I enjoy working with these guys and that makes my work worthwhile…even during the long hours.

I Have a Great Client

Now, as the Director of East Coast Operations, I have a lot of clients.  However, there was one client that got us in the door, got us a toe-hold out East, and I still consider him “my client.”  This gentleman, is smart, share similar feelings regarding transparency, and cares about my team and me as individuals.  We wouldn’t be anywhere without him, and that’s why we are still passionate about supporting him and his mission.

I Have Great Role Models

I have two main areas of interest.  One, doing this more productively. Two, continuing to evolve my leadership style.  Well, a few months ago a new Colonel came in and took over as head of the USMC office I support. Now, it is impressive for anyone to raise to the rank of Colonel within the USMC, but for an unassuming woman to raise to that rank in what is still clearly a “man’s world,” I couldn’t be more impressed.  I try to get around her as often as I possibly can, and not just because of her status, but because I clearly have so much to learn from her.  Case in point, her opening remarks about how she expects our office to run, she said to “[t]reat everyone with justice, dignity and respect in thought, word and deed.”  Wow…clearly, there is a lot I can learn there…

I Have a Great Dog

…alright, maybe great is a stretch here.  But I have a dog, and he definitely rounds out my life, by being a great test for when I’ve been working too much.  He normally gives me my space when I’m working from home, but when I’ve been at it for 6 or 8 hours straight…or if it’s a weekend, he comes knocking looking for attention.  And I try to listen….

I Have a Great Support Team

My girl is great.  My parents are great.  My friends are great.  All of them listen.  They are all supportive.  They are all smarter than me and will tell me when I’m being dumb…well…both times in my life that has happened anyway.  (NOTE: sarcasm, I’ve been dumb way more than twice my life)

I Have a Release

Whether its golf, flag football, hiking, running, swimming, beaching, traveling or whatever, I have interests outside of my day job.  They allow me to get away and give me perspectives.  There is a reason that your best ideas come to you in the shower.  And if you need to learn how to capture that inspiration wherever it strikes, I have some ideas on that as well.

I Write for a Great Blog

Seriously.  Do yourselves a favor and keep following GovLoop. They are good people looking to do good things. Those are people worth keeping around…

So, I’m pleading with you. As my words wind down, learn to recognize when you have a good situation.  It’ll never be great 1,000% of the time.  That’s just not life.  However, instant gratification isn’t always the answer either.  Sometimes a little pain can lead to larger gratification…

Thanks for reading me these past twelve weeks.  Looking forward to continuing to participate in some capacity moving forward.  If you’d like to reach out to me, and ask my opinion on anything, I’m always available at [email protected] and I love chatting with smart people…

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Christina Smith

Great last article, Steve!!! I agree with what you have written, and I think you should keep writing and blogging – I really like your practical and relatable writing style and content! I think I have a good thing going professionally and personally, too, and I need to remember to be thankful for this! And yes, I have 2 great dogs and they definitely contribute to my happiness!! 🙂