Know Your Limitations and Live Within Them – Part 1

Originally posted on Salient Federal Solutions

The best way to crush personal motivation is to set goals that are too big or unachievable. The result is frustration and little ambition to move on further if (and all too often when) you don’t reach them. A personal life philosophy of mine is to know my limitations and live within them. By no means though do I intend this to be limiting in any way, instead just to remain realistic.

As a high school football player, I knew I would never be a professional athlete or even make it to the collegiate level. It wasn’t that I didn’t necessarily want to; I just didn’t have the speed, strength and God-given natural ability. So I didn’t set that as a goal after graduation. Instead I went on to college with the intent of getting a degree and commission so that I could go on to pilot training and eventually fly fighter jets for the US Air Force.

I set realistic and achievable goals along the way, and through dedication, perseverance, hard work, and a little bit of luck I achieved my first major objectives in life. From there I continued to set achievable goals that fit within my capabilities. While I didn’t necessarily achieve every goal I set, I always had backup plans that still helped me continue on a successful path.

What I’m suggesting is to set realistic and shorter term achievable goals this New Year’s which will build momentum and most importantly build your appetite to achieve even bigger aspirations. Then as you reach each milestone, set new ones and work your way toward the big finish – whether it’s by the end of the year or on a longer timeline.

I personally don’t set New Year’s resolutions; rather I set realistic goals, or resolutions, that I can achieve year-round. So don’t go big, go realistic and finish big!

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