Know Your Requirements: Why I Quit Cable

I have not had cable or satellite for over two years now, and I’m pleased to say I’m happy. I’m young and live in an expensive area, but I still want entertainment. So what did I do? I opted for Netflix and Hulu. When Netflix’s content went down the drain, I switched the Hulu Plus, which is where I’m at now.

So yes, I went to the less expensive otpion. However, the end result is something better: I’m not a slave to programming schedules. When I want to watch something, it’s always there. I don’t need to worry about DVR-ing the most recent episode; it’s waiting for me when I get home. I make sure I don’t talk about the show with friends, so my shows are spoiler-free.

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John van Santen

I presume you watch content originally created for broadcast TV? I’ve wondered if Hulu provides sufficient payment to allow continued development of shows or if we are heading for a totally new entertainment model (amateurs/YouTube style) because the traditional methods of identifying opportunity (shows) based on profitability (target audience), which gave sponsors enough information to determine what they were wiling to pay (commercials) are being cannabalized. Soon we will have watched all the archived content and will everything either be reruns or low-cost amateur/reality items that are easy to throw out and see what happens? The relationship between work and payment for work is important – even we might be replaced by a model that already happened to US manaufacturing workers: automation and less-expensive offshore labor were more attractive, especially when subcontracted to a third-party assembler – (reference, for example, the recent iPod stories, or, in the terms of the original post, Hulu+ is more attractive than traditional broadcast networks and their delivery model)

Jaime Gracia

What was the differentiator for you in verifying needs (requirements) versus the cost and the trade offs; effective market research.

Explain to me again why this is done so poorly by government when billions are on the line?

Not enough time and lack of internal capability is getting really old as the excuse.