Last Week’s Confab Call with Tina Nabatchi and Cynthia Farrar

Last week, we were pleased to host our second Confab Call of 2012 with our special guests Tina Nabatchi and Cynthia Farrar about their report “Bridging the Gap between Public Officials and the Public”. It was a great call with 70 participants, many thoughtful comments and even a community news period at the end of the call where participants were able to share their own news.

Confab bubble image

Since the call itself was long and the audio file is pretty large, we are sharing only the portion of the audio that includes our conversation with Tina and Cynthia (along with the input and questions from our participants).

In addition to our thanks to Tina and Cynthia, we would like to send a special thanks to everyone who shared news on the call and we’ll be sharing their contributions on the NCDD blog. Stay tuned for information about our next Confab Call!

1. Check out the Confab Call’s Collaborative Google Doc.
Participants were encouraged to introduce themselves, ask questions and respond to discussion points. 436k (pdf)

2. Listen to the Confab Call.
The full conversation with question and comments. 36Mb 1:16:15 (mp3)*

Don’t forget… If you want to share news about your work by the NCDD community, please let us know so we can share your news with our community!

*Please note that these are recordings of a conference call and the audio quality is not perfect.

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