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Are you an All-Star Employee?

No matter what age, education level or tenure on a job; everyone should be considered an All-Star employee. Sometimes upper management does not make everyone feel equally important. But, you as a person must feel like your knowledge, work ethics and education can contribute to the team.

What type of All-Star Player are you?

– Rookie of the Year: new kid on the block, works hard and brings that wow factor to the team.

– Most Valuable Player (MVP): outstanding employee, enjoys making things happen and he or she is a team player.

– Defensive Player of the Year: employee is not scared to take one for the team and willing to protect the team’s reputation.

– Offensive Player of the Year: employee usually is positive and always wants to see the team win.

One can cannot reach their full potential for their dreams or within the workplace if they just exist. Some people come to work everyday and they just exist; they contribute very little to the team. I hope everyone continues to practice hard in the game of life and within the workplace so they can be the very best they can be.

Make some slam dunks for your dreams and your career; go hard or go home. Kanika Tolver

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