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Latest findings from a survey of 220 public service professionals

Winter 2013 PSRPanel Quarterly Questionnaire, conducted by 220 public service professionals, in January, covered a range of topics related to public service and current affairs.

Continuing brighter outlook on the direction of the country: Increasingly, panelists see the country overall as heading in the right direction (59%), continuing an upward trend seen over our last several quarterly surveys.

Improving outlook on working in the public service (but still gloomy about working in the nonprofit sector): Nearly half (49%) say that now is a good time to work in government, a somewhat more optimistic sentiment than a year ago. But only 4 in 10 panelists (40%) say now is a good time to work in the nonprofit sector, continuing the trend of a more pessimistic view of nonprofit employment. In contrast, 6 in 10 (60%) say now is good time work in the private sector.

Concern about the federal budget impasse: Over 6 in 10 respondents (63%) said they were “very concerned” about what might happen to the country if President Obama and Congress cannot reach a budget agreement. But interestingly, many fewer were very concerned about what the budget impasse would mean for their own organization (27%) or job (22%).

A tendency to experience change, but predict stability, in work motivations: This particular survey asked a series of detailed questions about past and future work motivations. Overall, survey respondents of all ages reported a fair amount of change in their motivations from 10 years ago. But curiously, they predicted little change in their future work motivations 10 years from now.

For many more results of the survey (as well as previous PSRPanel surveys), please visit PSRPanel.org

If you work in the public/nonprofit sectors, please join the panel at PSPPanel.org to improve public service research projects!!!

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