Latest TwitChimp Features: Multiple lists per account

This note provides an update on our new Twitter list management system.

TwitChimp is a Twitter list curation tool. It provides users with better ways of creating, managing, synchronizing and sharing Twitter lists. It also provides those seeking advice on who to follow to find expert opinions and also provides gist tools to enable users to quickly learn what is hot among any list member twitter dialog. The result: we make Twitter better able to serve.

Speaking of service, we have created an operating model we believe is virtuous and maintainable for the long term. Our basic account for twitter users is a free account. Free accounts enable the creation and synchronization of one twitter account. Several low cost upgrades for individual users and corporate users are also available. We have structured the cost model for these accounts in a way that will enable us to provide free but full-featured/upgraded accounts to non-profit organizations and individuals serving community interests. If you know of a non-profit or a community-minded individual who could make use of one of our free upgrades to a Pro account please let me know.

Here is the current TwitChimp feature list:

  • Users may create lists of twitter accounts, or if they already have lists started in twitter they can import those lists.
  • Users can then prioritize and tag those twitter lists
  • Lists are made discoverable by search engines
  • User profiles are made discoverable by search engines
  • Lists can be embedded in other websites by an easy to configure widget
  • TwitChimp lists are synchronized with your Twitter lists
  • Anyone reading the list can easily follow any member
  • Anyone reading the list can also see the gist of what list members are talking about by review of word cloud and hashtag cloud. Clicking a term in the word cloud or hashtag cloud launches a search on that term.
  • Any reader of a list can make suggestions to the list curator for new people to add to the list.
  • It is easy to Tweet about any list
  • Any reader of a list can retweet, favorite or reply to any tweet.
  • Helpful statistics and information can be found on any list member
  • Any TwitChimp user can create a full featured user information page that provides links to social media sites and other info, allowing readers to make better assessments on the credibility of the list curator
The result of these features: Experts have new ways of recommending who to follow, and those seeking knowledge have ways of discovering the opinions of experts on who to follow. Everyone has new tools to gist and extract knowledge from Twitter.
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