EXCEL 2012: July 31-Aug. 2, Dallas: Expert Training on EEO, ADR, Diversity Management

15th Annual EEOC EXCEL 2012

Examining Conflicts In Employment Laws (EXCEL)

*** July 31 – Aug. 2 ***

Dallas – Sheraton Hotel


How much do you know about and understand equal employment opportunity (EEO) and diversity/inclusion within the Federal workforce?

Do you know how to effectively manage and work with all employees regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin and disability?

Are all employees in your office and agency able to compete and advance on a level playing field?

Is your direct inner circle or “brain trust” comprised of people who look and think like you, with similar backgrounds and life experiences?


With today’s Federal workforce — and the country — becoming increasingly more diverse and inclusive, it’s more important than ever to have a solid understanding of EEO and diversity management. In fact, understanding EEO is a business imperatives for Feds, especially supervisors and managers. Ditto for diversity management.

Did you know, for example, that Hispanics/Latinos are the highest minority population in America, yet are under-represented in the Federal workforce compared to the Civilian Labor Force?

Did you know Asians are the fastest growing minority population nationwide, but are mostly clustered into certain Federal job categories?

Did you know that people with disabilities represent less than 2% of the entire Federal workforce, a percentage virtually unchanged for decades? For people with targeted (severe) disabilities, the figures are even worse.

Did you know that most minority Federal employees are under-represented within the Senior Executive Service (SES) compared to their Federal workforce participation rates overall?

Have you ever directly worked with or managed a Federal employee who is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender (LGBT)?

Do you know about and understand the new minority-majority paradigm in America?

Do you harbor implicit or unconscious biases/stereotypes toward people who are different than you?

Think carefully and objectively about these questions. Then ask yourself if you or your team can benefit from expert EEO and diversity training to better do your job, better serve your country, and become certified in EEO and ADR requirements?

If your answer is yes, EXCEL 2012 is for you!

15th Annual EEOC EXCEL 2012

Examining Conflicts In Employment Laws (EXCEL)

*** July 31 – Aug. 2 ***

Dallas – Sheraton Hotel




* Theme: “Knowledge is Power”

* Learn from EEOC and diversity experts




Recent Notable Remands
Electronic Case Processing: EFX PORTAL
Investigator Skills Part I
Investigator Skills Part II
Cultural Competency
Contractor or Employee (Kareem v. State)
Using Social Media to Recruit, Accommodate and Train Employees with Disabilities
Ask the EEOC Office of Federal Operations Attorney
Examination of Witnesses
Mixed Case & Election of Remedies
Summary Judgment
Why We Found Discrimination
Compensatory Damages
Use of Lay Witnesses in Proving Comp. Damages

Basic Mediation
Representing Your Client in Mediation
Resolving Workplace Conflict
Drafting Effective & Enforceable Agreements

Mock Hearing
Managing Exclusion & Conflict
Critical Conversations
Cultural Competency – Generational
Ask JAN (Job Accommodation Network)




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You’ve been to some of the rest, now try the BEST! Understanding EEO is critically important to creating a model Federal workplace.

David B. Grinberg

I highly recommend registering for the comprehensive EXCEL 2012 training. Diversity management and equal employment opportunity (EEO) are integral aspects of the Federal workforce and must-knows for managers and supervisors alike. Knowing about and understanding EEO and diversity/inclusion are critically important skills for any leader in today’s Federal workplace. Fostering EEO and diversity/inclusion awareness enhances workplace morale and productivity.


The EEOC’s 15th Annual EXCEL training event is less than three weeks away. Are you registered?

Don’t miss this EEOC’s premier annual training to EXCEL-lerate your agency in diversity and compliance with EEO laws, rules and regulations.

Meet us in Dallas, July 31 – Aug 2, 2012. Register at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Dallas before July 29 and receive a special rate for EXCEL participants.



excel 2012 is the EEOC’s annual premier training to receive the latest information on:

1) Best Practices in employment,

2) Status updates on changes to new EEO laws for 2012, and insight into successful practices of other agencies.

EXCEL is filled with leading professionals in employment law, equal employment opportunity, and human resources, who will provide attendees with invaluable information and training skills to take back to their workplace.

Our dynamic presenters are planning information-packed workshops such as:

* Retaliation rage and social media mania.

* Medical exams and inquiries under ADA Amendments Act.

* EEOC’s recent policy guidance on arrest and conviction records.

* Using social media to recruit, accommodate and train employees with disabilities.

* EEOC Managment Directive (MD) 715 — a roadmap to creating a model workplace — and other narrowly focused topic areas.

We are also offering Counselor and Investigator Refresher Courses as pre-conference workshops on July 30, 2012.

Knowledge is Power. Register now!