“Leadership in a Connected World”

Good article on leadership in promoting the use of new tools for new problems, and managing the “space”: http://tinyurl.com/kjfsvz

“…in connected environments such as networks, the function of leadership is anything but traditional. The network to which I am connected—Lawrence Community Works (LCW)—is a case in point.”

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Leadership comes from anyone in a network. Expertise grows from any level. The best ideas win. But also I still think leaders are needed such as with Linus with Linux. Someone to move the network forward.

Kevin Gunn

I’d point you to Don Tapscott’s book “Wikinomics”. He talks about how leadership emerges organically from these communities based on reputation and participation. Linus Torvalds didn’t necessarily “claim” leadership in the Open Source community, but it was more or less thrust upon him…and he reacted well…