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Leading Your Employees to Become Better Leaders

Do your employees follow because they’re motivated to do so, or are you dragging them along in back of you?

If the definition of a good leader is someone who gets results out of people in a consistent and measurable way, then we should also add in the goal of making those results replicable. In other words, part of the measure of your strength as a leader is how well you grow those you lead to be leaders themselves.

Your ability to recognize issues before they become full blown problems and your ability to find solutions to those issues are cornerstones of leadership. So too, is recognizing talent in your people, helping them to find their passion for the job at hand (as well as for the long haul) and nurturing those people. Your success is measured by the bottom line results as well as by the ease with which your team will follow you. True leaders are inspirational and will breed a team with similar attributes.

Of course, strong communication skills and a set of thinking and reasoning skills are all part of the mix. Your team will become stronger by your example and by your expectations for open and transparent communication and strong presentation skills. It is not enough to know the right thing to do, if it can’t be communicated well with those who are tasked with the tactical execution.

It bears repeating that good managers are not necessarily good leaders. In the work environment, whether public or private, there is a world of difference between a good tactician and a good strategist. Set your sights on good strategists to move your organization forward momentously. Whether you opt for a formal mentor/mentee relationship, or grow your team in a more informal structure, your job becomes easier once you have surrounded yourself with good leaders.

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