Libraries For Democracy Seeks Funding

The following message was submitted by NCDD member Michael Baldwin of Libraries for Democracy via the Add-to-Blog form

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In 2011, I created Libraries For Democracy (LFD) for the purpose of providing factual, non-partisan, information and political tools citizens need to reclaim American democracy. LFD is a unique, free, information service that can help restore democracy for the common good. LFD recently won the Taylor Willingham Memorial Award for Public Issues Programming from the National Issues Forums Institute.

In order to continue its award-winning work, LFD needs your help.

LFD needs to raise $5,000 to move to a new, more functional website. I am working with the crowd funding website to raise the money. LFD is funded strictly through user donations; it accepts no advertising or sponsorships. Please help LFD raise the money needed to continue its work for democracy.

We have a number of great thank-you gifts for donors, but the main reason for giving is to ensure that Libraries For Democracy will be a powerful resource for strengthening American democracy. Helping fund LFD may be the best investment you ever make. Please visit the LFD funding campaign at, and consider making a donation.

You can visit the current LFD website to get a better idea of LFD’s mission and resources:
Will you help LFD by sending this message to your friends as well? Or just share the following statement on your social media networks:

Join me in helping strengthen America by contributing to Libraries For Democracy! Take a look at

If you have questions or comments about the LFD campaign, you can email me at [email protected].

Thanks so much for your consideration.
Michael Baldwin, founder, Libraries For Democracy

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