Linda Cureton and Advanced Social Media Techniques at May 19th Workshop

I am organizing a Potomac Forum Workshop for May 19th and I think it has some interesting topics which a lot of agencies could benefit from. It is at the Willard in downtown DC and has reduced price compared to other PF events.. Here is the registration link http://www.potomacforum.org/?view=301

Our Keynote Speaker will be Linda Cureton, NASA Goddard CIO and a thought leader in creating a more open, participatory and collaborative government.

Topics include:

Social Media and Crisis Communications
HHS is now in the middle of the H1N1 virus crisis. Social media is being using actively to help the public understand the real risks and keep the focus on the facts. Learn what Richard Stapleton, Director of the Social Media Center and Andrew Wilson are doing to engage the public at this critical time.

How to Engage Bloggers through a Bloggers’ Roundtable
Learn how and why DOD now puts active bloggers directly in touch with senior military officials to answer their questions and create public engagement. Learn how to influence the influencers from Maxine Teller and Jennifer Cragg.

Creating a Contest to Engage the Public
Learn from Jeremy Ames how the EPA is creating online contests to engage the public and producing low cost usable messaging for broadcast to the public.

Creating and Maintaining an Agency YouTube Page.

Fema has created a very successful Youtube presence. Learn how they created, manage and maintain it.

Creating and maintaining a public discussion board on a .gov website.
The SBA and Business.gov is maintaining an online discussion with the public on a Dot Gov website. Learn from Jack Bienko , Deputy Director at SBA, the policies they put in place to create it and how they manage it day to day.

Leadership 2.0: Leading in collaborative environments
How do you bring stakeholders on board in a way which leads to a clear understanding of what expectations are and how performance will be measured? What does a collaborative environment mean for both public engagement and leading a team? A collaborative talk by Deb Lavoy and Gwynne Kostin, Director of New Media at DHS.

Understanding why conversation with the public has more value than traditional surveys and focus groups.
John Berliner, a thought leader in understanding the audience will discuss different methods to listen to your audience and the relative value of each.

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